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Montréal, Québec – December 21, 2022 – Premier Health of America Inc. (TSXV: PHA) (the “Corporation”), a leading Canadian Healthtech company, announces it has filed its Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and MD&A for its fiscal year ended September 30, 2022.


  • The Corporation had revenues of $22.1M for the fourth quarter period ($17.6M for the same period in 2021) and $80.5M for the 12-month period ($66.6M for the same period in 2021).
  • The increase in revenue is attributable to the consolidation of Canadian Health Care Agency for the last 5 months of the fiscal year.
  • The gross margin for the quarter was 26.5% (24.9% average for the 12-month period), in line with our long-term target of 25%.
  • EBITDA(1) for the quarter was $2.2M ($1.7M for the same period in 2021) and $5.8M for the 12-month period ($5.9M for the same period in 2021).
  • Net income was -$0.03M ($0.6M for the same period in 2021) and -$0.1M for the 12-month period ($1.5M for the same period in 2021).

“Fiscal 2022 was a challenging year in our primary market where we experienced revenue and margin volatility.” Said Martin Legault, CEO of Premier Health. “However, our acquisition in Ontario had an important diversifying impact and we expect to continue our geographical expansion.

Fourth Quarter 2022 and FY2022 Results Highlights

 September 30, 2022(3 months)September 30, 2021(3 months)September 30, 2022(12 months)September 30, 2021(12 months)
From last period+25% +21% 
Gross margin$5,851,053$4,431,674$20,083,583$16,254,208
From last period+32% +24% 
EBITDA (1)$2,221,965$1,734,773$5,760,059$5,902,079
From last period+28% -2.4% 
Net Income-$37,313$644,925-$111,507$1,496,788
  • Adjusted EBITDA before non-recurring items

Business Highlights

  • The Corporation provided 240,669 hours of service during the quarter for a total of 962,565 hours for the year (991,076 in FY2021).
  • Revenue and margin volatility related to Ministry of Health regular changes in operational directives in Quebec.
  • Acquisition of Ontario based CHCA in the third quarter of FY2022.
  • Important increase in registration for Northern region extended role training program over the period. 
  • Successful launch of SAP ERP system across business units.
  • Successful launch of new mobile application with additional timesheet management features. 

Province of Quebec 

2022 was a challenging year for our activities in Quebec. Over the period the Ministry of Health imposed a series of temporary directives and chronic changes in motus operandi for the use of independent work force that had a destabilizing effect on our industry in general. This translated into available nurses that could not be placed in a healthcare system that desperately needed them and a decrease in billable hours for nurse agencies active in the province. We expect a gradual return to normality in 2023, the most important aspect of it being a return to tender processes and long-term contractual relationships instead of OTC contracts with minimal intermediation and regulations in the province. We believe this will favour better organized agencies that offer a much lower risk profile and should also decrease the average cost paid by the Ministry of Health for this type of services.

Northern Regions

Our northern regions business units performed in line with our expectations. Contractual agreements in northern regions are gradually resuming as we move toward a return to normality. In the course the fiscal year Premier Health Nordik signed new contractual arrangements with eleven hospitals, mainly in Northern Ontario and was recently awarded a 2-year contract for an approximative value of $500,000. In parallel, Solutions Nursing has experienced a record level of registration for its extended role training program over the last quarters and this trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. We anticipate this growth in registrations and the increase in existing and potential contractual relationships to have a positive impact on future organic growth for our two specialized business units.

Canadian Health Care Agency

The Ontario agency was acquired in April and contributed to the company’s results for the last 5 months of the fiscal year. We now anticipate over 25% of our revenues to be generated outside of Quebec going forward. The integration of CHCA is going as planned with a solid and well-established management team. CHCA is an important service provider to the Federal Government and is also providing services to provincial entities namely in Manitoba and British Columbia. 

About Premier Health

Premier Health is a leading Canadian Healthtech company that provides a comprehensive range of outsourced services solutions for healthcare needs to governments, corporations, and individuals. Premier Health uses its proprietary PSweb platform to lead the healthcare services sector digital transformation to provide patients with faster, cheaper, and more accessible care services.

Non-GAAP Measures

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (“EBITDA”), is calculated as the net profit (loss), before non-recurring items excluding acquisition and transaction costs, non-cash expenses (including loss from disposal of assets, impairments, amortization, and depreciation), interest expense, net of interest income and income tax expense. 

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