Bruno Morel

Chief Technology Officer

Helping software eat the world in a nicer way, Bruno has spent 20 years building teams and products in a lean and agile spirit.
Having survived the Internet bubble in a nutrition-health mobile startup making PalmPilot apps when smartphones were called Personal Assistants. Moved an organization to architecture and software agility before agility was a thing. Build high-traffic content management for Canadian media leaders when the media was mostly still TV and newspapers. Virtualized a whole server infrastructure delivery system when virtualization was still scary and IaaS was just a weird way to say yes. Led a Big-data world-scale traffic (Billions with a B) service architecture for an ad-network when 3-tier was the norm, balanced a downstream culture for a world-renowned OpenSource project when doing downstream development was considered Cirque-du-soleil acrobatics, and turned many a siloed engineering/product/IT/Data Science culture into a full Agile and DevOps cloud-native service oriented product-scaling machinery leveraging AI.
Part not-so-funny french guy with an accent, and part prince of everything piano, cheese and wine related, he’s now building the next healthcare for both doctors and patients to experience the care they deserve.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board oversees management of PHA commercial and internal affairs with a view to creating shareholder value.

Our Board is constitued of highly recognized leaders and directors with major successes and many years of experience