Joseph Cianci

Audit Committee

Joseph Cianci is CPA, CA since 1986 and presently manages his Chartered Professional Accountant’s practice. He has extensive experience in banking, finance, taxation and management advisory services gained through his years at BDO Dunwoody, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and previous positions over the past 35 years as Chief Financial Officer of a Financial Services Trust, a publicly listed real estate company and privately owned retail and real estate companies. He advises on a consulting basis several companies listed on public exchanges and is a trustee for several privately held family trusts.
Mr. Cianci holds a B. Comm and is a graduate in Accounting from the University of Concordia in Montreal, Quebec.

PHA Joseph Cianci

Our Board of Directors

Our Board oversees management of PHA commercial and internal affairs with a view to creating shareholder value.

Our Board is constitued of highly recognized leaders and directors with major successes and many years of experience